September 23-26 2015 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The Graphical Web:
Motion, Meaning, Stories, Standards
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Your SVG is bad and you should feel bad!

Erik DahlströmErik Dahlström

Erik Dahlström is a long time graphics enthusiast and open web supporter. He has lead the SVG team at Opera Software, where he's been working as a software developer until 2015. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University (LiTH), Sweden. Since 2005 he has been a member of the W3C SVG Working Group, and he is currently co-chair of the group.

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Web Graphics: Prelude to Web Combinatorics

David DaileyDavid Dailey (Slippery Rock University, Professor of Computer Science)

Research in combinatorics, cognition, language. Have taught in various fields at lots of Universities across North America.

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Graphical Holidays

Alex DaniloAlex Danilo (Google, Developer Advocate)

Alex has spent over a decade on various W3C working groups developing the standards we all know and love, all while running a couple of start ups doing web engines for mobile and embedded markets. He now works at Google on Chrome, Chromecast and Geo APIs as a jack of all platforms.

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SVG Authoring with Adobe Tools

Vincent HardyVincent Hardy (Adobe, Director of Engineering, Design & Publishing)

Vincent Hardy is Director of Engineering for the UX Design organization at Adobe. In the past, Vincent managed the Web Platform and Authoring organization, where he managed engineering for Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Brackets and Edge Services such as Extract. In the Platform effort, Vincent and his group worked on on web standards, open source web contributions such as the Apache Cordova project, the WebKit project and the Chromium Embedded Framework component that provides a 'Web Design Surface' to several Adobe tools. In the recent past, Vincent has been working with the CSS working group, the FX task force and the SVG working group, focusing on CSS Filter Effects, CSS regions, CSS exclusions, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Prior to joining Adobe, Vincent worked at Oracle on graphical, interactive, and animated user interfaces in the field of business intelligence, helping make large sets of complex data visually understandable to help users navigate data sets more easily, detect trends, or find anomalies. Prior to Oracle, Vincent worked at Sun Microsystems where he focused on graphical, animated, and interactive technologies, mainly the Java 2D API and the SVG format. Vincent cofounded and led the Batik project at Apache, an open source Java toolkit for manipulating, viewing, or transcoding SVG content. Vincent contributed to the development of the SVG specification and its version for mobile devices, SVG Tiny. He chaired the Compound Documents Format (CDF) effort in W3C. Vincent is the author of Java 2D API Graphics and has a passion for graphical design.

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Designing National Park Service Visitor Maps

Tom PattersonTom Patterson (US National Park Service, Senior Cartographer)

Tom Patterson is the Senior Cartographer at the US National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center. He has an MA in geography from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Tom previously worked as Cartographic Laboratory Manager at the University of Utah. Cartographic relief presentation is his passion. He maintains the website and is the co-developer of the Natural Earth cartographic dataset. Tom is a former president of the North American Cartographic Information Society and is active in the International Cartographic Association, Commission on Mountain Cartography.

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